4 Carpet Cleaning Suggestions That Guarantee Durability

There are various factors that contribute to dirty carpet e.g. dirty footsteps, eating in carpeted areas and presence of pets. The best carpet cleaning techniques are those that extend the longevity of a carpet. If you truly adore your carpet, consider hiring a professional carpet cleaner in Auckland twice a year. The following are the expert tips for maintaining a carpet.

Test the cleaning products
Whenever a spill occurs on the carpet, homeowners tend to seek any product that will solve the problem. It is important to read the labels to avoid harsh products that can damage the carpet. The instructions on the label are supposed to be followed and even if the product might seem too good, ensure that it is tested on a separate material.

Scrub gently
People are always tempted to scrub a carpet vigorously. The target area of the carpet must be dabbed with a wet cloth and the order of cleaning should be from the outside to the inside of the stain. Rough scrubs make the stains to spread deeper and wider. Gentle scrubs will ensure that the carpet fiber remains intact, unlike vigorous scrubs that cause fraying and pilling.

Clean the Spill ASAP
Stains need to be washed as soon as they happen. If you wait for too long to clean them, they might not come out and you will have to struggle. Most liquids will create a stinking odor once they seep through the carpet. There are stuff that quickly bond with the carpet fibers and this makes their removal cumbersome or impossible. Cleaning the stain as soon as possible prevents the burden of using advanced cleaning techniques while making your efforts a DIY project.

Use Little Powder
Powders used to eliminate odors and spills are good but they must not be used frequently because they leave stain residues and cause dampness on the carpet. The appropriate procedure is to clean the stain the traditional way and the rinse properly to remove any chemicals.


Things You Need to Remember Upholstery Cleaning Auckland

If you want to keep your upholstery and carpet in good condition and create healthy, comfortable and safe, you need to know the various upholstery cleaning techniques. Note that different materials require different treatments. Thus, you need to know the material your upholstery is made of, whether suede, leather or fabric.


Vacuum before you wet clean:

Before engaging in wet upholstery cleaning Auckland, ensure you first vacuum the upholstery and carpets. The delicate upholstery which is not vacuumed before the wet cleaning can be damaged or even dirtied further by the large dirt particles. Ensure you use upholstery attachment. For this to work well, clean out all crevices and cracks and the cushions in your home. If there are pets in your home, after vacuuming the upholstery you should double check so as to verify there has been total removal of all the pet hair since vacuuming may not get rid of all of it. For effective removal of the pet hair, you may have to use pet hair remover.

Spills should be attended immediately:

Although machines for hot water extraction, especially the commercial grade ones are very powerful, they are not capable of removing all the stubborn stains. Thus, although there are various stain treatments that can be utilized in upholstery cleaning Auckland, some may be harsh and can discolor or damage the upholstery if not used precisely and cautiously.   Thus, prevention is better than cure in these circumstances. You need to blot with highly absorbent material such that it does not soak into the furniture or carpeting stuffing, and that may thereafter cause damage to the furniture and damage to the wood frame. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing spills since that can sink them below the upholstery surface. Instead, use paper towel or white cloth if possible so as to mitigate any risk that dyes may leech to the fabric.

Never soak upholstery or carpet:

Soaking upholstery can cause development of odor, leaking, and shrinkage and thus you should avoid it at all costs. If the carpet gets soaked in water, growth of mold and damage are almost unavoidable. This is the reason why you need to hire a professional upholstery cleaning Auckland service provider.